BETA This is our new website. We would appreciate your feedback on it.

Our new beta website

Our new responsive site

Welcome to our new website. This new website is a beta website. During the beta phase, services are continually tested and improved. It's a work in progress as we bring you something new:

  • a website that works on all devices
  • a website that’s responsive to your needs
  • a website accessible to everyone.

Some of the information on this beta website links back to our main site. 

As a council, we are committed to being digital first. The way we communicate with people needs to move with how people access information. We recognised that our existing website was out of date and needed to improve. To help us, we are following the Government Digital Standards. These standards guide us on how to build a website, in particular, a website that focuses on you, the user.

We want you to experience a website that is personal to you.

What's different about the new beta website

We have built it based on your needs. Working with local partners and individuals, we found out that you want a website that is:

  • easy to navigate
  • has a good search function
  • accessible from any electronic device, such as laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • has clear content, information and action functions
  • has fewer 'clicks' to find information easily
  • can be logged into easily.

We have reviewed the language used on our website to make it short, clear and simple. We have used the Government Digital Standards and a plain English approach to achieve this.

We have built the structure of our content around a clear user journey, making it easier for you to navigate to the information that you need more quickly and with fewer clicks.

We've included 'action buttons' where you can complete a task, such as, booking an appointment.

Our website can be viewed on a wide array of devices and is designed for modern web platforms (such as Edge or Chrome) without the need to zoom in or scroll left to right. The site is responsive so it will fit the screen type that you are using. Out of date browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) are not supported.

We have a new search function that will recognise simple search terms to help you get to the information you need quickly and easily.

Although we have only developed a few services so far, we are continually updating new areas. What we would appreciate is your feedback. So please take a look around and let us know what you think by completing our website feedback survey.

Some of the information on this page links back to our council website (