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Flood risk and investigation

We are responsible for flood risk management and have developed a local flood risk management strategy. The strategy provides information about potential flood hazards including:
  • tidal
  • river
  • surface water
  • sewer
  • groundwater.
The aim is to understand, communicate and manage the risk of flooding and the impacts they have.

Flood investigations

On becoming aware of a flood we must, to the extent that we consider necessary or appropriate, investigate:
  • which risk management authorities have relevant flood management functions
  • whether each of those risk management authorities has exercised, or is proposing to exercise those functions in response to the flood.
We will investigate if:
  • there is doubt surrounding the source or responsibility of a flood incident
  • internal flooding of one property has been experienced on more than one occasion
  • internal flooding of a group of properties has been experienced during a single flood incident
  • flooding resulted in disruption of one or more items of critical infrastructure
  • a single flood incident resulted in flooding that affects vulnerable individuals 
  • there is risk to life as a result of flooding.
We will follow our flood investigation protocolInvestigations are currently being undertaken for the following areas:
The outcome of all flood investigations is published in the Ryde surface water management plan.

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