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Clinical waste collection

Infectious clinical waste disposal

This type of waste has a risk of infection to others.

  • If you are being treated at home by a health care professional, they will take the clinical waste with them for disposal.
  • If you treat yourself at home without the regular support of a health care professional, we can collect your infectious clinical waste.

If your waste is not infectious it can be collected from your collection point on general waste collection week. Non-infectious clinical waste can be double bagged if you are concerned about smell or attracting pests.

Apply for an infectious clinical waste collection

Your health care provider or hospital upon discharge can complete a referral form. This can only be completed by a healthcare professional such as a doctor/ nurse. Download an infectious clinical waste referral.

Once you are approved for an infectious clinical waste collection, we will:

  • provide you with the correct orange sacks
  • send a letter telling you what day and approximate time we will collect your clinical waste.

Collections will be either from 8am to 12pm or from 12pm to 6pm. Collection details will be confirmed by letter.

Upon collection, you will be given replacement orange clinical waste sacks.

We do not collect sharps from households. You can take these to a pharmacy using the sharps take back scheme.

Medicine disposal

Unwanted or unused medicines should be taken back to your local pharmacy. They should be returned in the original packaging.

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